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Ticket Package

Sorry, tickets for this Braves event are no longer available.
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H&F Burger

Hometown Chef Linton Hopkins and his popular handcrafted burger from Holman & Finch Public House is back for 2014! Widely hailed as one of the best cheeseburgers in the country, the Holeman & Finch Burger is now available at three H&F Burger locations throughout the ballpark. A limited number of burgers will be available each game, but you can guarantee your burger AND a great ticket with the H&F Burger Ticket Package. Only 24 H&F Burger Ticket Packages are available each game, allowing you to combine two great American traditions, the cheeseburger and baseball, for one special price!

A H&F Burger Ticket Package is your ONLY way to guarantee a burger and beat the long lines.

Marquee, Premier & Select Games $40
Value & Super Value Games $30
  • 24 ticket packages available per game
  • 1 Reserved Outfield Pavilion seat
  • 1 H&F Burger Pass** on commemorative ticket stock, which includes:
    • Front of the line access at either of the Outfield H&F Burger locations
    • 1 guaranteed H&F Burger: A double patty cheeseburger topped with red onion and house-made pickles, served on freshly baked pan de mie buns from H&F Bread Co., with from-scratch ketchup and mustard on the side
    • 1 Order of French Fries
  • *Beverage not included in the H&F burger ticket package. H&F burgers will be served as-is. Burgers will not be modified to the customers' request.

    ** H&F Burger Fast Pass tickets must be picked up at Will Call, and are only valid for the date listed on the ticket. Game tickets may be delivered via traditional delivery methods. Your Burger Pass must be redeemed by the bottom of the 4th inning.