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Tickets Plus

Tickets Plus+ Ground Rules
  • The value is included in the barcode on the ticket. The barcode allows you to redeem added value at almost all permanent food and beverage stands in the ballpark that accept credit cards.
  • The value is only redeemable for the date printed on the ticket and cannot be transferred. There is no cash back and there are no refunds for unused value.
  • To utilize the Tickets Plus+, after you make you food/beverage/snack selection, let the cashier know you are using your Tickets Plus+ and then scan the ticket for payment. Any remaining value can be used throughout the game. If your purchase is greater than the value on the ticket, you may use cash, credit card or another Tickets Plus+ that has value remaining to pay the balance of your order.
  • The value is a declining balance, so there is no cash back and no refunds. Be sure to keep your receipts to have a record of what you purchased and the balance remaining. Any remaining value not used by the conclusion of the game may not be used, redeemed or in any way replaced or transferred to another game.
  • TENATIVE: In the event a game is rained out and rescheduled, any remaining value many be redeemed for concession items during the rescheduled game only. Tickets being exchanged for any other game besides the rescheduled game, must be exchanged by contacting the reds client service department. In the event a game is canceled and not rescheduled, added value is not transferable and will be refunded in 4-6 weeks after the ticket is returned to the Great American Ballpark Ticket Office for refund or exchange.
  • For lost or stolen tickets, call 765.7000 or go to the Main Ticket Office off Crosley Terrace
  • If you have questions regarding the use of your Tickets Plus+ call 765.7000 or inquire at Fan Accommodations behind section 119 terrace level or behind section 520 view level.