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Celebrate 20 Microbrew Writing Contest

Winner Mary Lee Holbrook

In celebration of the Rockies' 20th Anniversary Season, Blue Moon Brewing Company® crafted a limited release beer that will be sold to fans at Coors Field this season, and the Rockies asked fans to add their touch to an easy-drinking amber ale brewed by Blue Moon's own brewmaster John Legnard.

The Rockies and Blue Moon asked fans to come up with creative descriptions of the brew that included:

  • Blend of import and domestic hops
  • Smooth
  • Abbey Malt
  • Amber Ale
  • 1993

Here is the winning creative description, written by Mary Lee Holbrook:

Like CarGo's sweet swing, Blue Moon's 20th Anniversary Brew is uncommonly smooth and easygoing. It's a refreshing Amber Ale built with all the right players, home-grown and imported hops and Abbey malt. Just as 1993 was the exciting start of a love affair with the Rockies, 2013 is the year to enjoy the beginning of a new beer tradition for the ages!