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  • Bag Check

    In compliance with MLB and Astros security policies, all bags, purses and containers will be searched prior to entry. Guests entering Minute Maid Park may be subject to inspection by handheld and walk through metal detectors. There are no lockers available outside of the ballpark to secure items not allowed inside, nor can any items be held by security staff members.

    Items that are not permitted in the ballpark and are surrendered to security will not be stored or returned. To ensure fan safety, the Houston Astros reserve the right to refuse admittance of any item deemed hazardous, suspicious or offensive. Fans are reminded that the following items will not be permitted inside Minute Maid Park:

    • Aerosol cans

    • Alcohol

    • Animals (except for service animals)

    • Bags larger than 16" x 16" x 8"

    • Banners or signs larger than 3' x 2' (Banners must be baseball-related and support teams and players, so long as they are in good taste. The Astros do not permit signs, posters or banners which are obscene, slanderous or in bad taste. No items are permitted to be affixed to signs and no signs may be affixed to the ballpark)

    • Beverages & containers other than factory-sealed plastic water bottles 1 liter or less

    • Cameras with lenses larger than 8 inches

    • Clothing deemed obscene or indecent

    • Coolers of any kind

    • Costume masks

    • Fireworks

    • Folding chairs

    • Food in a portion larger than a clear, one-gallon size bag

    • Inflatables (i.e. beach balls, basketballs, balloons)

    • Illegal drugs

    • Laser pointers

    • Luggage

    • Noise makers (whistles, horns, bells, etc.)

    • Poles or sticks of any kind (i.e. flagpoles, broom handles, nets)

    • Skateboards, roller skates, roller shoes, bicycles, wagons for children

    • Tripods, bipods or monopods

    • Weapons - including but not limited to firearms, knives, mace

    • Any item deemed inappropriate or hazardous by ballpark security

  • Banners

    The Astros welcome banners that support teams and their players, so long as they are in good taste. The Houston Astros Baseball Club does not permit signs, posters or banners which are obscene, slanderous or in bad taste. Management reserves the right to remove any sign deemed inappropriate. Banners may not obstruct the view of other patrons or interfere with the game in any way.

  • Cameras/Video Equipment

    Visitors are welcome to bring video and still cameras into the ballpark. Lenses must be no larger than 8". Tripods and monopods are not allowed in the ballpark.

  • Costumes

    Costumes are not allowed at Minute Maid Park. Houston Astros management reserves the right to refuse entry and refund the ticket price of individuals in costume.

  • Drop Off/Pick-Up Points

    Prior to games, fans may be dropped off along any street adjacent to Minute Maid Park, including a protected left lane along Texas Avenue on the south side of the ballpark. Following the game, the Houston Police Department will close Texas Avenue on Crawford Street around Minute Maid Park for approximately 20 minutes. This closure will allow for a safe pedestrian exit of the majority of fans at the game. Once HPD reopens those streets, fan pick-up is available along the south and west sides of the ballpark. Immediate post-game pick-up is permitted along Jackson Street on the south side of Minute Maid Park. However, all vehicles picking up at that location must be attended while drivers are waiting for their guest(s) to arrive. Fans who arrived at Minute Maid Park via charter or school buses will be picked up along Hamilton Street, between Preston and Texas, on the east side of Minute Maid Park.

  • First Aid

    First Aid stations are located at Section 150 on the Main Concourse and Section 334 on the Upper Concourse to serve fans seeking medical assistance during all Astros games. In case of an emergency, immediately notify a guest service representative who will then contact the appropriate emergency personnel.

  • Guest Conduct

    Customer Service is the number one objective of the Houston Astros. The team strives to provide its Guests with the most positive baseball experience in the Major Leagues in a safe, comfortable environment. To help us achieve our goal of outstanding customer service, we ask for fan cooperation in the following areas:

    • Dress appropriately for baseball. Remember that we have the unique opportunity to start a baseball game with the roof closed and finish it with the roof open.
    • Respect other guests' ability to enjoy the game. Loud or obnoxious fans could be asked to leave the ballpark if their behavior is deemed to be offensive to guests around them.
    • Please do not bring balloons, beach balls, nets or laser pointers into Minute Maid Park. These items are not permitted at any time.
    • For the safety of all fans, do not interfere with the progress of the game or go onto the playing field. Any fan interfering with a ball in play or going onto the field will be removed from the park and could be subject to arrest.
    • Please sit in your assigned seat and be prepared to show your ticket to an usher or ballpark supervisor upon request.
  • Lost Fans

    Please notify the nearest uniformed ballpark employee of a lost fan. Lost guests will be brought to the Fan Accommodation Centers at Sections 112 and 323.

  • Lost and Found

    Any items lost or found within Minute Maid Park should be brought to the attention of any uniformed employee. Guest Services may also be contacted at (713) 259-8459 on non-game days to arrange pick-up of a lost item. Lost and Found will keep items no longer than 30 days.

  • Security

    Both handheld and walk through metal detectors will be used at all gates to facilitate and expedite entry to Minute Maid Park. Ambassadors will be placed at each gate to communicate the new guidelines to fans prior to entry, and fan feedback will be monitored to make any needed adjustments.

    The list of permitted and prohibited items for Astros games at Minute Maid Park that has been in place this season will not be changed by the new security screening guidelines.

    Upon entering the ballpark, fans will be asked to follow the instructions below:

    -Remove cell phone(s) from pockets.
    -Place bags onto the screening table.
    -Walk through metal detector with cell phone in hand.

    -Guests will be encouraged to take prohibited items back to their cars. Items left at the gates are not the responsibility of the Houston Astros.

    Security officers and uniformed personnel are stationed throughout the ballpark during all events. In the case of a security incident, notify a uniformed ballpark employee and/or nearest uniformed security officer. The Houston Police Department will be on hand before and after every Astros home game to assist in fan safety and traffic management.