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Royals FanPass

Digital Ticket Delivery

Kansas City Royals fans now have the opportunities to have their tickets delivered electronically. Having tickets delivered electronically provides Royals fans with a variety of benefits:

Royals FanPass Digital Ticketing
  • You will never forget your paper tickets at home again - they will be stored directly on your credit card
  • Avoid will call lines and enter quickly into the ballpark
  • Simply scan your credit card at the gates or visit the kiosks each gate (weather-permitting) to gain admittance to Kauffman Stadium

Check back for more digital ticketing opportunities coming soon! Other programs will include:

  • Have all of your single game ticket purchases delivered digitally
  • Manage your inventory electronically
  • Send your tickets to your family and friends via email

For additional questions, please contact the Royals Ticket Services Team at (816) 504-4040 option 3 or