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Traveling to Marlins Park

Purchase parking for the Marlins 2016 Season

Purchase Marlins Parking

Learning the Options at Marlins Park

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Parking Video

Parking Video

On-Site parking and public transportation options are explained by the Miami Parking Authority. Watch Now »

View the Most Efficient Routes to Marlins Park


On-Site Parking

The easiest option for parking at Marlins Park! Park close to the action by pre-purchasing your space!

The Orange Bowl had crowds of 70,000 fans with just over 3,000 on-site parking spaces. Marlins Park will only hold 37,442 fans at its maximum capacity, and features close to double the amount of on-site spaces! Here's what you need to know:


  • There are four (4) parking structures and six (6) surface lots on the Marlins Park property

  • Important to Note: The Marlins have made on-site parking available for all future guests to pre-purchase online here (limited inventory).

  • Please note, as a result of this offer, it's likely that parking will be sold out by game day or even earlier, depending on guest demand. It will likely vary game-to-game, but we encourage you to reserve your space as early as possible.

* Please remember that the only way to guarantee on-site parking at Marlins Park is to PRE-PURCHASE YOUR PARKING. By purchasing a parking space with your tickets, you are guaranteed to have a parking space in one of the four garages or one of the six surface lots surrounding the ballpark. You will know exactly where to go, where to exit and our parking attendants and the City of Miami Police force will ensure that you get in and out quickly and that your vehicle is secure at all times.

If you have not purchased parking with your tickets, you can now purchase parking separately.

*Please note that for most games we expect on-site parking to be sold out by game day or even earlier. For these games, day-of-game parking on-site will therefore NOT be available. The surest way for you to get parking is to click the button below to pre-purchase a parking pass for one of the On-Site parking garages or lots.

New in 2015: The Home Plate Garage, Third Base Garage, as well as the East 1, West 1 and West 2 lots are prepaid parking ONLY. All remaining lots will be available for purchase on day of game.

* ADA Accessible spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis within the four On-Site parking garages and the following surface lots: West 1, West 2, East 1, East 2 and East 3.
Surface Lot W3 is used as a community baseball field on non-game days and the surface lot is a grass field not suited for ADA Parking.

Public Transportation to Marlins Park
Metrorail Express Shuttle Service to Marlins Park from Culmer Station

Park anywhere along the Miami-Dade Metrorail system, exit at Culmer Station and enjoy the dedicated Express Shuttle to the ballpark!


  • Travel time was tested during peak times at fewer than 10 minutes.

  • The shuttle will run 90 minutes prior to the event start time and 60 minutes following the event.

  • Fans that elect to use cash value on EASY Fare Media will need to load $5.65 to buy the round trip fare.

  • For more info on the Marlins Shuttle, visit Miami Dade Transit's page here.

Other Metrorail Options

With two stops within a mile of Marlins Park, Miami-Dade Metrorail provides options for Marlins Park guests who would rather park away from the ballpark and enjoy the ride!


  • Both Culmer and Civic Center Metrorail Stations are within one (1) mile of Marlins Park.

  • From Culmer Station, fans can opt to walk or take the previously mentioned Metrorail Express Shuttle to Marlins Park.

  • From Civic Center Station, fans may opt to walk (0.96 mile walk) or take the complimentary City of Miami Trolley to Marlins Park. The Trolley runs about every 15 minutes (through 11:00 pm). Here is a link to the Trolley Route. Fans may also take Bus 12, which will drop you off on the corner of NW 12th Avenue and NW 7th Street (one and a half blocks from the ballpark)!

Bus Routes

The low-stress option for those who would rather park away from the ballpark and enjoy the ride!


  • There are eight (8) bus routes that bring you within a few blocks from the ballpark!

Tri-Rail Connection

Take Tri-Rail from Palm Beach or Broward County to get to day games by connecting to Metrorail and the Express Shuttle to the ballpark!


  • Feasible for all day games (start times of 12:40 PM, 1:10 PM or even 4:10 PM.

  • EASY Card-holders can benefit from transfer discounts.

  • Flat fare weekend discounts

  • For more information, visit the Tri-Rail website at

Off-Site Parking at Marlins Park

Local Community Private Properties

Park "Orange Bowl Style" and support the local community at the same time!


  • Within 5/8 of a mile, studies indicate there are over 8,000 spaces!

  • Please note: In many cases, on-street parking in these areas may be marked by local Authorities as Residential Parking Only. This is out of respect to the residents of the local community.

  • Please note: Prices will vary and are at the sole discretion of the private land owners.

Other Ways to Get Here!

Pedestrian and Bicycle Traffic

Go green, get fit and avoid traffic all at once!


  • Bicycle parking stations are free on the ground level of the Third Base Garage and the Home Plate Garage.

Private Transportation Companies

There are several private transportation companies that provide transportation packages to and from Marlins Park!

  • One such business is "Premiere Sports Trips," which can shuttle Marlins fans from West Palm Beach to select Marlins games. For information call 561-444-9632 or visit

  • Another such business is "Ballgame Express" which provides service to most Marlins games from various Palm Beach and Broward County locations. For information call 561-945-4445 or visit
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