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Charitable Giving

 Foundation Giving

David Samson and FMCF LogoThe Miami Marlins consider it both an obligation and a pleasure to support the South Florida region. The Cornerstones for Kids programs help meet the needs of our growing, vibrant and diverse community.

The three elements of the Cornerstones for Kids Programs consist of baseball, arts and education. For a community to thrive, it must support each of these three areas in order to create a buttress on which our whole area may sit.

If you are a non-profit organization, and if your project fits into our Cornerstones for Kids elements, we invite you to submit a grant proposal directly to the Miami Marlins Community Foundation.

Please visit our website to learn more about how the Miami Marlins can help make dreams come true for you. Don't forget that in order to receive proper consideration, please follow all of the enclosed guidelines.

Our commitment to you will never waver.

David Samson
David Samson

 Gift Categories

To be considered for a gift, the proposal should fit in one of the following categories:

Education - Including elementary, junior and senior high school programs as well as higher education programs that promote self-esteem and encourage academic achievement; literacy and training programs.

Baseball - Including programs to promote involvement in baseball and softball for youth.

Arts - Including visual and performing arts activities for youth.


To be eligible for funding, an applicant must be:

  • A nonprofit agency with tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code; or an appropriate government agency (i.e., school)
  • Comply with the State of Florida Solicitation Act
  • Operated and organized so that it does not discriminate in the hiring of staff or the provision of services on the basis of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin or disability.
 Grant Application

E-mail to receive an application and additional instructions. The form lists the criteria used by the Contributions Committee judges and ensures your application gets due consideration.

Completed Proposal Received by: Organization Notification
Jan 31 March
April 30 June
July 31 Sept.
Oct. 31 Dec.
 Proposal Review Process
  • Quarterly, the Contributions Committee meets to review proposals and recommend funding.
  • Proposals are judged based on ability to meet set guidelines and criteria.
  • Once finalized, a letter will be sent informing you of the committee's decision regarding the funding of your proposal.
 Photo Gallery

Donations are awarded for education, the arts and youth baseball/softball initiatives. Click here to see photographs from some of the former recipients from the Miami Marlins Community Foundation.

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We look forward to working with you to help meet the baseball, arts and education needs of the South Florida community.

To get a complete look at all the Marlins events in the South Florida Community, please visit the Community Calendar. For questions about the grant program email