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Marlins Mermaids
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Name: Andrea

"I would describe myself as being very outgoing, active, and competitive."

Hometown: Miami, FL

Favorite Musicians: Dave Matthews Band, Incubus, Matchbox 20, and Phil Collins

Pet Peeve: People who don't pay attention when you are talking.

Dance Background: Started dancing when I was ten years old. Danced at Heidi and Joe Meichiona and Roxy Performing Arts Center.

If you could be someone famous who would you be and why: Catherine Zeta Jones. She's beautiful and a great actress and she dresses amazing too.

Long-term goals: To work in the entertainment business, hopefully as an entertainment lawyer.

Something nobody knows about you: I love to sing around the house when I'm alone.

Favorite Quote: "Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you're gonna get" and "You never know what you have till you lose it."