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Name: Caryn

"I'd describe myself as someone who is outgoing, smart, and ambitious."

Hometown: Baldwin, New York

Favorite Movies: "As Good as it Gets" and "The Wedding Singer."

Favorite TV Shows: "The Cosby Show," "Seinfeld," & "Frasier"

First Job: Casting Director of "Hart to Hart Entertainment"

Favorite Hobby: Driving fast cars over scenic routes.

Most Embarrassing Moment: Picture, Syracuse University's Theatre. I never rehearsed in my costume so my strapless costume did not like my choreography.

Favorite things to do on a Saturday night: Dine out anywhere with an incredible waterfront view! Take a car or limo service for drinks and dancing.

Favorite Quote: "A saint is a just a sinner, who fell down, and got back up again!"