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Name: Tracey

"I am known for being fun, loyal, and conscientious."

Hometown: Miami Beach, FL

Favorite Movies: A League of Their Own, Pretty Woman, and Forrest Gump.

Fashion Sense: Sporty and sometimes trendy.

Pet Peeve: People watching me put on my makeup, runs in panty hoses, and popping bubble wrap.

One thing you have done that you most proud of: In 2000 my best friend and I started a recreation cheerleading team in Miami Beach. In the last four years the program has grown from one team of 12 girls to four teams of 85 girls and boys. I'm proud to say we've competed in and won numerous competitions, including our most recent in New York City in March and continue to strive for excellence . . . GO X-TREME!

Most embarrassing moment: And relive it . . . no thank you!

Dance Background: I took ballet and jazz as a child and pre-teen and picked it up again college. I cheered in junior and senior high. I've also coached cheerleaders from the kindergarteners to tenth graders for the last four years.

Favorite Quote: "Your actions are speaking so loud I can barely hear your words" and "No man is worth your tears, and the one that is would never make you cry."