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Marlins Mermaids
Name: Madeleine

Years in Team: Rookie

Hometown: Miami, FL

Birthday: February 15th

Hobbies: Dancing, hanging out with friends, and talking on the phone

Quote to live by: "We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act but a habit." - Aristotle

To get more information on scheduling the Marlins Mermaids to make an appearance at your next event, please call (305) 626-7334 or send an e-mail to

Alexandra Jennifer Andrea Stephanie Cindy Linda Melanie Brooke Britney Madeleine Diana Nikki Desiree Jessica Alicia Linette Angelina Diana Desi
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Front Row: Jessica, Alicia, Linette, Angelina, Diana, Desi
Middle Row: Alexandra, Andrea, Cindy, Melanie, Britney, Diana, Desiree
Back Row: Jennifer, Stephanie, Linda, Brooke, Madeleine, Nikki
Not pictured: Christina