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Marlins Mermaids
Name: Melanie

Years in Team: 2nd Year

Hometown: Miami, FL

Birthday: July 31st

Hobbies: Baking, singing, acting, playing sports, and of course dancing.

Quote to live by: "Accept the things you can not change, and change the things you can."

To get more information on scheduling the Marlins Mermaids to make an appearance at your next event, please call (305) 626-7334 or send an e-mail to

Alexandra Jennifer Andrea Stephanie Cindy Linda Melanie Brooke Britney Madeleine Diana Nikki Desiree Jessica Alicia Linette Angelina Diana Desi
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Front Row: Jessica, Alicia, Linette, Angelina, Diana, Desi
Middle Row: Alexandra, Andrea, Cindy, Melanie, Britney, Diana, Desiree
Back Row: Jennifer, Stephanie, Linda, Brooke, Madeleine, Nikki
Not pictured: Christina