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Marlins Mermaids
Name: Stephanie

Years in team: Veteran

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Birthday: November 24: Sagittarius

Nationality: Italian/American/German/South African

Profession: Marketing Major

Would like to visit: Europe

Hobbies: Shopping, Traveling, & Baking

Dance Background: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Lyrical, Hip Hop

Fashion Sense: Trendy-Fashionably Updated

** "I would describe myself as funny, organized, neat, & easy going"

To get more information on scheduling the Marlins Mermaids to make an appearance at your next event, please call (305) 626-7334 or send an e-mail to

Madeline Yesenia Nina Jennifer Alexis Andrea Winnie Melanie Linda Kristina Natalia Stephanie Liz Jivanta Christy Desiree Jamie Damaris
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Front Row: Madeline, Yesenia, Nina, Jennifer, Alexis, Andrea, Winnie
Middle Row: Melanie, Linda, Kristina, Natalia
Stephanie, Back Row: Liz, Jivanta, Christy, Desiree, Jamie, Damaris