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2011 Marlins Visit Our Troops
John Sulser, FOX Sports Florida
John Sulser, FOX Sports Florida

I have been working in live television for over 12 years in practically every aspect of production. I started off driving a Ryder truck with a set in the back for Fox Sports Florida (back when it was Sportschannel) that I would construct for live, on-location shows. From there I worked my way up through the ranks to stage manager, fox box operator, ENG cameraman, graphics coordinator, off-line editor, and finally producer. I have been producing live events for eight years now and have worked almost every type of event under the sun including Major League Baseball, NHL hockey, NBA basketball, Arena Football, Triple-A baseball, college football, college basketball, volleyball, soccer, as well as live studio shows and pre-produced magazine shows.

My time working on the Marlins T.V. productions dates back to 1999 when I started as a FoxBox operator. For 4 years I served in that capacity and also did a great deal of camerawork on "Marlins Weekly" as well as other baseball features and specials. In 2002 I moved to New Orleans to help start up a new network called Cox Sports Television that featured the recently relocated New Orleans Hornets as their programming centerpiece. After 4 years with CST, I moved back to Florida in 2006 to take over producing Fox Sports's "Marlins On Deck" pre-game show. I produced the pre-game show for 2 seasons before becoming the game producer in 2008. I have been in my current position as Marlins telecast producer for 3 seasons and am looking forward to entering my 4th year leading the productions.

In my free time I volunteer as a H.I.S.S. tank driver in the Cobra army and go on constant expeditions to help expand my extensive collection of Curculionidae beetles.

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