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Timeline 1985-1990
Dec. 18, 1990: The unveiling of the Florida Marlins is nearing, as H. Wayne Huizenga's South Florida group is placed on a short list of cities being considered for National League expansion.
1985  - Aug. 8: Major League Baseball's new basic agreement permits the National League to expand by two teams to match the American League's 14.
1987  - Oct. 31: U.S. Senators from eight states, including Florida, announce they have formed a congressional task force to investigate baseball expansion.
1989  - June 15: Major League Baseball says it will announce a timetable for NL expansion within ninety days of the completion of a new basic agreement between the players and owners.
1990  -

Mar. 7: H. Wayne Huizenga (right) announces he has purchased half of Joe Robbie Stadium and 15 percent of the Miami Dolphins for an estimated $30 million. Huizenga states his intention to aggressively pursue an expansion franchise.

Sept. 13: Dade County Commission repeals an ordinance that had limited Joe Robbie Stadium to 18 events a year.

Sept. 18: The National League Expansion Committee hears presentations from all three South Florida groups and one from the Miami Beacon Council.

Dec. 18: The NL unveils a list of six possible expansion sites. South Florida is included, along with Tampa-St. Petersburg, Orlando, Denver, Buffalo and Washington, D.C. From the South Florida interests, Huizenga's group is chosen.

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