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Monday "All You Can Eat" Ticket Special

Forget worrying about grabbing dinner before you come to the Marlins game! Now for one low price, you can eat and drink all you want for one low price with the Marlins new "All You Can Eat Seats"*!

You will receive a ticket and "All You Can Eat" quantities of hot dogs, sodas, water, nachos, peanuts and popcorn!

Food and beverages are served out of a private concession stand, just around the corner from your Lexus Legends Seats.

*The All You Can Eat food service ends at the top of 7th inning (all items)

The "All You Can Eat" Ticket Special is offered for the following games here:

All-You-Can-Eat menu includes:

  • Hot Dogs
  • Sodas and Bottled Water
  • Nachos
  • Peanuts
  • Popcorn

* Alcoholic beverages and dessert items are not included, but will be available for purchase.