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Dynamic Pricing FAQ

What is Dynamic Pricing?

In an effort to provide the best ticket value for fans, the Miami Marlins have partnered with Qcue to introduce a dynamic pricing system for the 2016 season. Utilizing advanced computer pricing software, the Marlins will be able to adjust single game ticket prices in real-time based on ticket availability and changing factors such as league standings, opposing team, rivalries, star players, day of the week and supply and demand.

Dynamic pricing empowers fans by providing more options during their ticket purchasing process as well as providing ticket prices that better reflect actual market value. Similar to the travel and entertainment industries, fans who purchase their tickets early are more likely to get the best value.

Miami Marlins season ticket and mini plan holders will pay the best price for their seats. Single game buyers will be able to purchase their single game tickets online through as well as at the Marlins Park ticket office.

Dynamic Pricing Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Which games are subject to dynamic pricing?
A. All Marlins single game tickets and on-site parking will be dynamically priced for the 2016 season.

Q. Will Marlins season ticket and mini plan holders be subject to this change and dynamic pricing?
A. No. Dynamic pricing only applies to single game tickets. Being a Marlins season ticket holder guarantees fans that they will pay the best price for their select seat.

Q. Will Marlins group accounts be subject to this change and dynamic pricing?
A. Group tickets not paid in 30 days before their selected game date may be subject to Dynamic pricing.

Q. How do you decide when to raise or lower prices?
A. We have very sophisticated software on the back end that analyzes multiple data points. Timing for price adjustments is not pre-determined and will depend entirely on market conditions.

Q. Will this change other promotions?
A. We will continue to work with our partners to offer great ticket deals to fans. You can view the latest promotions as well as featured dynamic deals on the Marlins ticketing page.

Q. What happens if prices lower after I buy my tickets?
A. Tickets are always priced based on market demand. While prices typically increase leading up to a game, there may be times where prices decrease should conditions change. As with all of our tickets, all sales are final.

Q. How do I find out what the price is for a ticket or when there is a good deal?
A. We will promote ticket deals through and other forms of communication. As always, you can visit the marlins ticketing page for the current prices.