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Marlins Season Tickets

2017 Season Ticket Information

Deposits are now being accepted for 2017 Season Tickets.

Place your deposit to receive these benefits and more:
  • Guaranteed access to purchase MLB All-Star Game Ticket Strips presented by MasterCard
  • Earn memorabilia, unlock once-in-a-life experiences and access Season Ticket Holder events through the Fish Family Loyalty Program

For questions, please contact (305) 480-2521 or

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2017 Season Ticket Holder Benefit Information

Season Ticket Benefits

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My Marlins Tickets

My Marlins Tickets allows you to easily access your Marlins account!
  • Forward - Send your tickets electronically to family, friends or colleagues by using the complimentary, fast and secure Ticket Forward system.
  • Exchange - Exchange your season tickets for future games. Ticket-for-Ticket Exchange Policies and Procedures
  • Donate - Donate your tickets to the Marlins Foundation.
  • Sell - StubHub is the Official Fan-to-Fan Ticket Marketplace of Utilize My Marlins Tickets to safely and securely sell your individual game tickets online.
  • Purchase - Use the My Marlins Tickets online portal or the Ballpark app to purchase additional tickets.
  • Renew - Quickly and easily renew your season ticket plan, when available.
  • Payments - Pay your season ticket, parking, or additional ticket balance online.
  • Access - View and scan your tickets through your mobile device or forward tickets to friends. For more information, click the Ballpark app button.

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Using Your Tickets

More My Marlins Tickets Info

Welcome to the Fish Family!

Fish Family is the exclusive loyalty program of Miami Marlins fans!

Get closer to the Marlins and to your fellow Fish fans through the Fish Family. As the core of our organization, it's only right you get the most access to your Miami Marlins!

Experience Incredible Opportunities All Season Long

We're excited to offer our most loyal fans opportunities to get closer to the Marlins and each other. The #FishFamily is strong!

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Fish Family serves as a one-of-a-kind way to bring Marlins fans together, while giving you the chance to earn bucket list Marlins moments and rewards like never before!

Redeem rewards like flying on the team plane, playing catch with a Marlins player, batting practice passes, throwing out the honorary first pitch, a trip to watch the Marlins play on the road, and much more! We won't be unveiling all of them at once, but trust us when we tell you, there is some really cool stuff headed your way this season!

Check out what rewards are available by viewing our Fish Family Calendar!

Earn points for activities you already do!
  • Purchasing Marlins tickets
  • Attending games
  • Participating on social media
  • Purchasing merchandise in the Official Marlins Park Team Stores
  • Following the Fish on the road by watching road game broadcasts and listening to radio broadcasts for codes
  • Plus bonus opportunities throughout the season!

Attend monthly Fish Family Gatherings and catch up with fellow family members!

New in 2015! On approximately a monthly basis during the season, Fish Family members were invited to Fish Family Gathering, large-scale, uniques event that don't require you to redeem points to attend! You earn an invitation merely by earning a particular number of points each month!

That's right - just be the loyal Fish Family member you are and earn a certain number of points per month. Then you and one guest are automatically invited to one of the Fish Family Gatherings!

*Want to bring more friends? When available, you can redeem your points for additional Fish Family Gathering RSVPs through your Fish Family catalog.

Get started by linking your accounts!

This year, to make things easier, you will use your account information to log in!

Just make sure your "My Marlins Tickets" account is linked to your account! Linking your and My Marlins Tickets accounts gives you access to your tickets, the Fish Family Loyalty Program, and the Ballpark mobile app!

Link your email address with three easy steps:
  1. Log in to your My Marlins Tickets Online Portal
  2. Click on the Link MLB Accounts Tab
  3. Finalize by clicking Link Account and then clicking Save Changes

Congrats! You can now begin earning points to redeem rewards within the Fish Family community! Click below to log in!

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Not a Season Ticket Holder yet?

In 2015, the Fish Family loyalty program was available only for Season Ticket Holders. The good news is you can still take advantage of the incredible experiences and benefits that the loyalty program offers by being a season ticket holder in 2016!

Contact Us

For questions, please email or reach out to your dedicated Season Ticket Services team by calling (305) 480-2525 or emailing

Season Ticket Holder Benefits

As a Season Ticket Holder, you are automatically enrolled in the Fish Family Loyalty program to start earning points and take advantage of your exclusive benefits. Get closer to your Miami Marlins in new, personalized ways!

Benefits Full SeasonExcludes José's Heroes
& G's Corner
40 & 41
Game Plans
Mini Plans José's Heroes
& G's Corner
Discount on Concessions X
Offseason Batting Practice Event X
Spring Training Vouchers** 4 tickets 2 tickets
Fish Family Autograph Session X X
Fish Family Play Day On The Field X X
Access to Marlins B2B Program X X
Ticket-for-Ticket Exchange X X X
2017 All-Star Game Strip Access* X X X X
Fish Family Loyalty Program X X X X
Fish Family Photo Day X X X X
Discount on Additional Tickets X X X X
Merchandise Discount X X X X
Fish Family ID Card X X X X
Bonus Vouchers** 12 Per Seat 6 Per Seat 2 Per Seat 2 Per Seat

**Effective June 27th bonus vouchers have been prorated to Full Season-8; Half Season-4; Mini/Superstar-2 per seat.

Baseball 2 Business

Baseball to Business

What is Baseball to Business?

The Miami Marlins Baseball to Business Program is a professional network of team partners, suite holders, community leaders and season ticket holders and the various businesses they operate. "B2B" was developed to "connect the dots" between members in the Marlins business community, making them more productive and successful.

B2B Events

Photo Galleries

Why Join?

ROI! Boost revenues and broaden your business network.

Members of the Marlins B2B Program will receive personal attention from the Marlins Executive Membership Team. A Member Profile will be generated based on a needs assessment, review of annual goals and customer identification process. Introductions will be made via signature programs available exclusively to B2B members.*

*Membership is inclusive based on an organizations level of participation with the Marlins. Baseball to Business is a separate benefit inclusion for members in the Platinum, Gold and Silver levels.

Baseball to Business Benefits

Qualified Leads, Handshake and Face to Face Introductions, Business Development Support, Client Incentives and much more. Attracting and retaining business for the Marlins B2B member base.

Platinum - $25K and Up

  • Invitation to two annual signature events (Championship Series '97 & '03)
  • Invitation to all B2B VIP guest events (On Deck)
  • Company listing in Marlins B2B Directory
  • All Gold & Silver Benefits & Events

Gold - $10-25K

  • Invitation to one annual signature event
  • Choice of up to six B2B monthly VIP guest events (On Deck)
  • Company listing in Marlins B2B Directory
  • All Silver Benefits & Events

Silver - Up to $10K

  • Private B2B strategy session (Leading Off)
  • Invitation to select executive networking round tables
  • Choice of two B2B Monthly VIP events (On Deck)
  • Company listing in Marlins B2B Directory


  • "I definitely had a great time at the Wynwood Walls beer tasting event, and have been in touch with a few individuals I met there. Excellent function and after just one event, B2B is a winner for me!

    In addition to making some really great connections, I've actually utilized some of the contacts I've met at the events, and have forged some really nice friendships. I can already tell that some of the connections I've made will certainly have tremendous benefits moving forward personally as well as financially." - Greg Nash, InterNashional Insurance
  • "I want to thank the Miami Marlins for having us over yesterday (to the Meeting on the Mound) and the kind introductions. In that short time we made some excellent contacts. You have a really good thing going on. Please continue to send us invites to all events as we will definitely be attending." - Angel Fernandez, Reef's Edge Services
  • "I just wanted to let the Marlins know that this morning was perfect. Great small group (Meeting on the Mound) and if I don't pay for my tickets with one or two of those contacts today I'm doing something wrong!" - Luke Freeman, Wizard Creations
  • "Thank you for the invitation to the (On Deck - Art, Wine & Whiskey Walk) event last week. I enjoyed meeting you and the time we had to speak. Initially I responded because I was curious about the art collection at the stadium. After attending, I was grateful to meet so many truly nice people. Whether it results in business or not, is secondary to me. Along the same lines, I am proud to be a season ticket holder and affiliated with such a class organization. To promote initiatives like this shows a vision and concern for those who invest in being a season ticket holder. By not just putting a competitive team on the field, but by making an association with the Miami Marlins a benefit on the business (B2B) and the social front (Fish Family) is a benefit that does not exist by holding season tickets to other sports franchises in town. As I have a two year old son, I have to make a choice of what I want to experience with him, and the choice for me is clear. I would much rather be associated with a class organization that seems as committed to me, as I am to them. That is simple loyalty, and in life I find that to be very valuable commodity." - Thomas Zur, UBS Financial
  • "I thought the event was great. The suite is the perfect set up for a networking event as you can handle business inside the suite and meet some of the guests, all while enjoying the great backdrop of baseball." - Tony Perez, Miami Heat
  • "It was great seeing you at your B2B event. Thank you for including us. Please also let me know if you have any other B2B events or meetings in the future. We would like to attend and participate as much as possible in all that the Marlins have going on in the upcoming season." - Nicole Ippolito, Aventura Limo
  • "It was a pleasure attending last night's Marlins B2B event. Thank you for having us. We enjoyed ourselves and met a few really great people. We look forward to participating in future B2B events. Go Marlins!!!" - Retta Logan, AAA Flag & Banner