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2007 All-Star Game
2007 All-Star Game
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• June 29: Fans still have say in All-Star festivities
• June 28: Last day to show All-Star hopefuls love
• June 27: Fans hold power in final All-Star push
• June 27: Stars announced for All-Star softball
• June 27: Notes: Randolph to miss All-Star Game
• June 26: A-Rod could achieve All-Star first
• June 26: White Sox shut out in All-Star voting
• June 26: Rangers will lack All-Star starter again
• June 26: Hot races remain in AL All-Star voting
• June 26: Chavez sits fourth in AL All-Star voting
• June 26: Indians need late push for All-Star start
• June 26: Time running out for All-Star voting
• June 26: Castillo looking for first AL All-Star bid
• June 26: Tejada's injury opens up All-Star race
• June 26: Manny needs fans' help for San Fran trip
• June 26: Ordonez joins AL's leading outfielders in final balloting update
• June 26: Speedsters in All-Star Game hunt
• June 25: Last chance to vote Bonds, Molina
• June 25: Time running out to vote for Greene
• June 25: Young seeking second All-Star trip
• June 25: Beltran, Griffey vie for overall lead in final NL balloting update
• June 25: Fielder holds All-Star vote lead
• June 25: Biggio needs All-Star support
• June 25: Cabrera needs a late All-Star push
• June 25: Chipper seeks late All-Star vote boost
• June 25: Young infielders top NL All-Star ballot
• June 23: A-Rod will pass on Home Run Derby
• June 21: La Russa, Leyland appoint staffs for the 78th All-Star Game
• June 21: Change likely in final week of voting
• June 21: Leyland picks his All-Star coaches
• June 21: Bochy tabbed as All-Star coach
• June 19: Tejada needs support in All-Star voting
• June 19: Tribe trio seeking All-Star vote support
• June 19: Ichiro holds last outfield starting spot
• June 19: All-Star races heating up in AL
• June 19: Buck, Teahen need help in ASG vote
• June 19: Hill, others vying for All-Star attention
• June 18: Pujols behind Fielder in ASG voting
• June 18: Griffey in running for All-Star start
• June 18: Cabrera still in the hunt for All-Star start
• June 18: Time to vote for All-Stars running out
• June 18: Fielder tops All-Star voting at first base
• June 18: Bonds, Molina hold steady in vote
• June 14: Umpires, official scorers announced for 78th All-Star Game
• June 14: Froemming leads All-Star umpire crew
• June 13: Blue Jays need rally in All-Star balloting
• June 13: Notes: Papi to sit out Home Run Derby
• June 13: Hall of Famers Marichal and Winfield to manage All-Star Futures teams
• June 12: Ichiro holds steady at third in ASG vote
• June 12: Vlad still leads, Matthews Jr. snubbed
• June 12: Tejada, other O's need All-Star help
• June 12: Polanco tops at second base in latest AL balloting figures
• June 12: All-Star chase is on for Morneau
• June 12: Buck deserving of All-Star votes
• June 12: A-Rod, Jeter pull away from AL pack
• June 11: Braves eyeing votes in All-Star races
• June 11: Dodgers' Martin takes the lead behind the plate in NL balloting
• June 11: Lo Duca has catching up to do
• June 11: Griffey closing in on All-Star spot
• June 11: Soriano bidding for All-Star start
• June 11: Biggio's All-Star chances in jeopardy
• June 11: Bank of America loads the bases with All-Star opportunities for Major League Baseball fans
• June 9: Fans get sneak peek into All-Star Fest
• June 5: White Sox need rally in All-Star voting
• June 5: A-Rod, Jeter pace All-Star voting
• June 5: Stars still lead Rays in ASG votes
• June 5: Pudge leads crowded field behind the plate in American League All-Star balloting results
• June 5: Wells leads Blue Jays in ASG votes
• June 4: Utley still atop NL second base voting
• June 4: Cameron needs help in voting
• June 4: Griffey joins leading outfielders in latest National League balloting figures
• June 4: Young, Zimmerman need All-Star votes
• June 4: Bay's All-Star stats going unnoticed
• June 4: Bonds heats up, votes rise accordingly
• June 4: Beltran remains in All-Star driver's seat
• June 4: Pujols holds steady in All-Star vote
• June 4: Cabrera jumps one spot in NL voting
• June 4: Andruw in need of votes to start Classic
• June 4: Dodgers make dent in All-Star voting
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