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04/02/12 7:45 PM ET

Ozzie calls Jeter a 'baseball god'

MIAMI -- You know you've achieved legendary status when you get loud cheers simply for walking out of the dugout.

Yankees captain Derek Jeter receives cheers the moment he walks onto the field. Even to stretch or loosen up.

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen calls Jeter a "baseball god."

"My favorite player in the history of the game -- nobody represents baseball better than that guy, Derek Jeter," Guillen said. "Nobody. Not Mickey Mantle, Not Babe Ruth, Not Willie Mays."

The Marlins got a good view of Jeter and the Yankees, who on Monday played the second of two exhibition games at Marlins Park.

"We all respect the Hall of Famers and the people who played in the past and who were great for this game," Guillen said. "Derek Jeter is in the top two. This guy played the game right, won a lot of championships. Never got in trouble off the field. On the field, represents baseball the way it should be. Amazing. He has been my favorite player for a long time.

"You don't see any player walk to the field and get a standing ovation just when we got to stretch, and that guy does. Nobody in the history of the game runs out on the field and gets a standing ovation. This guy is God, a baseball god. There are a lot of great players, Hall of Famers, records, all that stuff. I don't think anybody in this game represents this game better than Derek Jeter."

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