In 13 years in the Majors, I haven't been to the playoffs. But now that I'm with Arizona, I think I have a great chance to play in October and I want to do everything I can to take advantage of this opportunity.

The last couple of days have been a bit of a shock. I was with the Twins and I didn't really see this coming. It wasn't like my name was being mentioned in terms of trades.

I had to deal with some knee issues at the start of the season. There were some games I could play and some I couldn't play. Obviously, the Arizona scouts saw that I've been running a lot better and moving a lot better recently.

Coming to a first-place team couldn't make me happier. What the Diamondbacks have accomplished isn't a fluke. This team has been rolling and it seems like the organization is going for it.

Another plus in coming to Arizona is that I'm back on the West Coast. I grew up in Southern California, I went to college at USC and I live in Washington. I love the West Coast and I really like the dry heat of Arizona.

I started my big-league career with Milwaukee and I enjoyed playing in the Midwest again. The people are great and I thoroughly enjoyed my teammates on the Twins this season. I wasn't a huge fan of playing in the Metrodome, though.

Now that I'm with the D-backs, I'm going to give this team everything I've got in hopes of getting to the postseason for the first time. It would definitely be disappointing to play my whole career and not experience any type of celebration in the clubhouse.

When it comes to playoff baseball, I've always been sitting at home. If this is my last season, I would like to finish by playing my last games in the playoffs. Making the playoffs and winning the World Series remains my main goal.

I love playing and I would like to play the game for as long as I can. For me and my family, having a career in Major League Baseball has been a life dream. Unfortunately it must come to an end at some point. So I've given a lot of thought as to whether this will be my last season.

It mainly depends on my kids. I'll listen to what they have to say. Your body goes and there is always pressure to perform. Plus, there are always younger players pushing from underneath you. If my kids want me to play, though, then I'll try to keep playing.

If this is in fact my last year, I do have several interests. I serve on the Board of Directors with Mentors of Washington and I can get more involved with that. At the same time, sitting in those meetings usually reminds me how much I love playing baseball.

There might also be some radio and TV opportunities in baseball that I can pursue. I might be interested in doing some roving or Minor League instruction -- just not on an everyday basis.

Jeff Cirillo was among the three players -- along with Byung-Hyun Kim and Joe Kennedy -- picked off waivers during a 24-hour period last week in which the Diamondbacks sought depth for a playoff run. The 37-year-old Cirillo, a career .297 hitter, batted .261 with nine doubles, two homers and 21 RBIs in 50 games for the Twins while playing first, third and designated hitter.