Every player is excited to get the season underway. I'm no exception. It's fun to finally start playing the games that mean something, and to put into motion all the offseason training and the hard work that followed in the spring.

I'm already comfortable with my new team. Everyone has done a great job of welcoming me. It's been good to get to know the guys. Now I'm excited to go out and compete with them on the field.

We have a good team, and I think we'll have a good season. We have goals that begin with wanting to win the World Series. Everybody in the clubhouse wants to win the World Series. If you're not here to do that, you're playing the game for the wrong reasons.

Of course it will take a collective effort to reach that goal, but anything short of that means the season is not a total success.

I'm not the only new player brought in to improve this team. Guys like Jason Giambi, Orlando Cabrera and Nomar Garciaparra all signed here as free agents, and each guy adds something special.

Jason is great. You always hear about what a great guy he is, and getting to be around him day after day I've gotten to see that. It's been a lot of fun getting to know him. I've also watched to see how he goes about his work. He's a great player and a great guy.

Orlando is a great player, too. I wasn't overly familiar with him, because he's played in the American League the last few of years while I was in the National League, but it is pretty clear that he goes out on that field and finds ways to help your team win. He's one of those guys who does whatever it takes to win and that, needless to say, is very important.

Nomar was a late addition, but he's a true professional. I think that's a great word to describe him. He does his work in a professional manner. And while his role has obviously changed from when he first broke into the league, he hits the ball hard, and he plays hard in the field.

I'm looking forward to playing with these guys every day.

Left fielder Matt Holliday is beginning his first season in Oakland after being acquired over the winter in a trade with Colorado. After playing in nearly 700 games with the Rockies, Holliday -- who hit 70 homers combined in 2006 and '07 -- had a base hit in his first at-bat in his new uniform on Monday night.