This year marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Upper Deck's first baseball card set. A new licensing agreement between the card company and the Major League Baseball Players Association means Upper Deck can start working on plans for its 21st season.

"We are thrilled to renew our commitment to the baseball card market and look forward to working closely with the Players Association to further grow the category," said Upper Deck CEO Richard McWilliam.

"Our goal is to provide collectors with great baseball card products, while continuing to grow the market with an infusion of new consumers. We're confident Upper Deck can help us realize those goals," said MLBPA category director Evan Kaplan of the renewed partnership.

Kaplan said he's been impressed by the efforts of Upper Deck to promote baseball cards to youngsters and help introduce them to the fun of collecting.

"Upper Deck consistently demonstrated their dedication to achieving long-term sales growth for the baseball card market," he said. "Their kid-focused and online marketing programs, like, combined with a long line of exceptional products, is a testament to their pursuit of sustained long-term growth for this category."

The first release of the new license term will be Upper Deck Series One Baseball, currently scheduled to launch on Feb. 6.

The licensing deal with UD is the first announced by the MLBPA thus far for next season. The MLBPA's trading card licenses with Topps and Upper Deck both expire at the end of this year.