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Red Goes Green

Awards and Testimonials

- 2009 -
  • Investing in Nature Award (The Nature Conservancy)
- 2008 -
  • Green Power Award (Citizens for Pennsylvania's Future)
  • Green Power Leadership Award (Environmental Protection Agency)
  • Outstanding Leadership in PA Environmentalism Award (People for People)

"When Phillies fans think of green and Citizens Bank Park, they're just not going to be thinking about the grass on the field or the Phanatic. Today's announcement (on April 30, 2008) shows real environmental leadership on the part of the team and its partners. By choosing to meet its energy needs through clean, renewable energy, the Phillies organization is making a commitment to improving the quality of the air we breathe, to protecting our climate, and spurring the development of additional green energy sources. The practices being employed at Citizens Bank Park are examples for large organizations everywhere. Many of these practices are relatively simple and can be done by each of us in our own homes. Collectively, that could have a tremendous impact on improving our environment and conserving our precious natural resources."
- Governor Edward G. Rendell, State of Pennsylvania

"The Phillies' commitment to renewable energy and ecologically intelligent operations will hopefully set an example for all institutions in Philadelphia and beyond to follow. The fact is that we will successfully address the threats posed by global warming and biodiversity loss only if every consumer, and every organization, moves towards ecologically intelligent purchasing. The Phillies are doing that, and hopefully their millions of fans will do the same."
- Dr. Allen Hershkowitz, Senior Scientist, National Resources Defense Council

"We are proud of the Phillies for showing such a strong environmental commitment in buying Green-e Certified Renewable Energy. As the first Major League Baseball team to take responsibility for the impact of their electricity use by investing in clean, renewable energy, they are showing real environmental leadership. We hope other clubs take their lead, because this is a game in which everyone can be a winner."
- Arthur O'Donnell, Executive Director of the Center for Resource Solutions, which administers the Green-e program

"EPA applauds the Philadelphia Phillies for 'playing ball' and protecting our environment by purchasing green power. By being the first MLB team to join the Green Power Partnership, the Phillies have hit a grand slam for the environment."
- Stephen L. Johnson, EPA Administrator