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Pirate Parrot

The Pirate Parrot
  • The Pirate Parrot Stats
  • Height (feet): Larger than life
  • Weight (lbs): Won't sit still on a scale
  • Waist (inches): We can't tell you that!
  • Eyes: Cross-eyed from watching too much TV.
  • Feathers: Lime green shag fur.
  • Birthplace: First hatched at Three Rivers Stadium in 1979.
  • Season Stats
  • High Fives: 9,849 (121.6 per game)
  • Pictures Taken: 4,829 (59.6 per game)
  • Fans Covered in Silly String: 462 (5.7 per game)
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  • The Pirate Parrot Favorites, Accomplishments and Goals...

  • Foods: High carbohydrate sunflower bird seed mix.
  • Movies: Pirates of the Caribbean, Follow that Bird, Muppet Movie and Sandlot.
  • Songs: Free Bird, I Kissed a Bird, Rockin' Robin.
  • TV Shows: Animal Planet, 3 Stooges, Extreme Makeover - Nest Edition, This Old Nest, If Walls Could Squawk.
  • Hobbies: Hot dog launching, riding dirt bikes, skiing and other extreme winter sports.
  • Greatest Moment: Helping the Bucs to a World Series Championship in his first year as team mascot (1979 WS Champs) and creating the "Let's Go Bucs, Let's go GREEN" campaign to save the planet.
  • Goals for the Future: Shoot a hot dog to Steve Blass in the Radio/TV Booth, play one song with a band on the drums during a Skyblast concert, and become enshrined in the Mascot Hall of Fame.



"Bird Keeper"
Orchard Park, NY
Date nights with my husband, being with friends and family, entertaining at our house, playing/watching sports, laying on the beach, traveling
Favorite TV Show:
Favorite Movie:
While You Were Sleeping
Three Words to Describe Me:
Relational, passionate, joyful
Favorite Food:
Potatoes in any form
Favorite Music:
Jeremy Camp, Colbie Caillat


Pittsburgh, PA
Crafting, sewing, singing, reading, dancing, traveling and shopping
Favorite TV Show:
House Hunters
Favorite Music:
ack Johnson, Dave Matthews Band
Favorite Pirates Memory:
Buctober 2013!
Three Words to Describe Me:
Creative, driven, optimistic
Favorite Foods:
Pizza, buffalo chicken salad, my mom's pasta


Pottstown, PA
Favorite TV Show:
Walking Dead; Two and a Half Men. Best of all time: LOST
Yellow Lab (Hurley)
Favorite Childhood Game:
Favorite Music:
Country and 80s Rock
Three Words to Describe Me:
Passionate, dedicated, adventurous