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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get an autograph from Derek?
As a non-profit organization serving youth, we provide a limited amount of autographed memorabilia to organizations that operate as a 501.c.3 non-profit organization, serve youth and promote healthy lifestyles.

In order to be considered for a Derek Jeter memorabilia donation from the Turn 2 Foundation, we ask that you submit a letter on your organization's letterhead that includes the event date, general information about the organization and how the money being raised is utilized. Along with this letter, you need to submit a completed donation request form at least six weeks prior to your event. Due to the increased requests for memorabilia, we require that the recipient organization assumes responsibility for shipping costs. You must provide FedEx or UPS account information or issue credit card authorization. You may submit the completed form (Attention: Turn 2 Memorabilia) via email at or fax at 212-475-3378.

We will review your request once we have received the request letter and completed form. If approved, we will send an autographed item along with a Certificate of Authenticity and a Proceeds Form that we ask you to complete and return to us following your event. We cannot accommodate more than one request per organization each calendar year.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact our office at (212)475-2339 x200.

To obtain autographed memorabilia, please contact Steiner Sports; the exclusive provider of autographed gifts, collectibles and licensed merchandise for Derek.
Steiner Sports

2. How can I apply for a job with the Turn 2 Foundation?
The Turn 2 Foundation is not hiring at the moment. However, you may submit a resume to:
Turn 2 Foundation, Inc.
215 Park Avenue South
Suite 1905
New York, NY 10003

We will keep your resume on file and contact you should a position become available.

3. I would like to hold a fundraiser/sell a product and donate some of the proceeds to Turn 2, can I do that?
The Foundation does not authorize the use of its name, logos or likeness to solicit funds. We greatly appreciate you thinking of us, and we look forward to your continued interest.

4. How can my organization apply for a grant?
Going forward, the Turn 2 Foundation will focus its funding on maintaining and enhancing its signature programs and will no longer accept new grant requests or proposals.

5. How can I get the Turn 2 Foundation's support in my area?
While the Turn 2 Foundation wishes we could offer assistance to children throughout the country, we have chosen to support the West Michigan, New York City and Tampa areas because it is where Derek was raised (Michigan), where he works (New York) and where he lives (Florida).

You may find information about anti-drug programs in your area through your local school district or parks and recreation department.

6. How can I apply for a Turn 2 Foundation scholarship?
The Turn 2 Foundation's college and high school scholarships are administered by the following organizations:

Hillsborough Education Foundation
2010 E. Hillsborough Ave.
Tampa, FL 33610-8255
Phone: 813.231.1901/813.231.1905
College Scholarship

Kalamazoo Community Foundation
151 S. Rose St.
Suite 332
Kalamazoo, MI 49007-4775
Phone: 269.381.4416
Fax: 269.381.3146
College Scholarship

Jackie Robinson Foundation
3 West 35th St.
11th Floor
New York, NY 10001-2204
Phone: 212.290.8600
Fax: 212.290.8081
College Scholarship

United Negro College Fund
1805 7th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 800.331.2244
College Scholarship

Please contact the individual organization you are interested in for more information.

7. Can I use the Turn 2 name/logo to help raise money at my event?
The Foundation does not authorize the use of its name, logos or likeness to solicit funds.

8. How can I make a donation to the Turn 2 Foundation?
Learn more about donating to the Turn 2 Foundation here.

9. How can I volunteer for the Turn 2 Foundation?
The involvement of our volunteers has been an integral component to the Turn 2 Foundation's success since its start in 1996. At this time we are fully staffed with volunteers. However, you may complete a volunteer application and mail it back to us at the address listed. We will keep your application on file and contact you if new opportunities arise.

Since its launch in 1996, the Turn 2 Foundation has awarded more than $23 million to create and support signature programs that motivate young people to turn away from drugs and alcohol and "Turn 2" healthy lifestyles. Learn more »

Social Change Project
The Project is an event created to share one of the Foundation's principles with communities. Learn more »

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