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Parking Update

Why is event parking limited?
The ballpark district is thriving like never before. Neighborhood development, including the Sempra Energy tower just beyond center field and the soon-to-be-developed mixed use building at what used to be the Parcel C parking lot (Park Blvd. and Imperial Ave.) will have a significant impact on the way fans have grown accustomed to visiting Petco Park over the past 11 seasons.
Due to the loss of more than 500 parking spaces in Parcel C, neighborhood parking rates, including those in lots surrounding the ballpark have increased.
How can I get the lowest priced parking available?
Fans are encouraged to pre-purchase their parking online in order to get a discount over the day-of-game rate for Padres-owned lots. Please see the map of Padres-owned parking lots for rate information by game and lot.
What is happening to the Parcel C parking lot? Why is it now unavailable?
The lot formerly known as Parcel C will soon be developed into a mixed-use building, resulting in the loss of more than 500 parking spaces. That lot has never been owned by the current Padres ownership group, and the Padres have no control over its development.
How will my game-day routine be affected?
With less parking available in lots surrounding the ballpark, fans can expect increased traffic and parking delays near the ballpark.
What can I do to alleviate the impact?
We strongly encourage fans to arrive early, and pre-purchase their parking at or take public transportation downtown. The Trolley and Coaster both offer special event service to all Padres games and most stations provide free "Park and Ride" lots. For more information visit Getting to Petco Park.
  • Downtown Parking Map Details

    Padres preferred parking is available adjacent to Petco Park. Guests are strongly encouraged to pre-purchase their parking to guarantee a spot in these convenient lots. On weekends, special events and other large crowd games, guests should plan on utilizing public transportation or parking facilities a short walk from the ballpark. Check out the parking map below to plan your trip.


    Petco Parking Map



    Petco Parking Map

    Lot # Parking Lot/Garage Capacity Price Address Notes
      Lexus Premier Lot 430 $25-$35 Imperial Ave. at 11th Ave Pre-Sold Parking Available
      Tailgate Park 1,000 $20-$30 Imperial Ave., 12th-14th St, K St. Pre-Sold Parking Available
      Padres Parkade 1,000 $20-$30 440 11th Ave; Enter from 10th Ave Pre-Sold Parking Available
    6 Bayfront Hilton Garage 1,800 $20-$35 Harbor Drive at Hilton Pre-Sold Parking Available
    7 San Diego Convention Center 1,600 $17-$30 111 West Harbor Dr Pre-Sold Parking Available
    10 Horton Plaza 2,150 $10-$15 324 Horton Plaza; Enter from F or G St Pre-Sold Parking Available
    11 707 Broadway 700 $10-$15 707 Broadway; Enter from 7th or 8th Ave Pre-Sold Parking Available


    PARKING ADJACENT TO PETCO PARK (will sell out on weekends and other large crowd games)
    Lot # Parking Lot/Garage Capacity Price Address Notes
    1 MTS Garage 1,000 $15-$30 1255 Imperial Ave  
    2 6th & K Parkade 1,000 $15 289 6th Avenue  
    3 DiamondView Towers 250 $15-$30 350 10th Avenue Not available on midweek day game
    4 Omni Hotel 200 $15-$30 675 L Street Valet parking only
    5 Central Library Garage 250 $15-$30 330 Park Blvd  

    **On Opening Day, Weekends and all large crowd games utilize the following public parking locations:


    HARBOR DRIVE PARKING (short walk to Petco Park via pedestrian bridge)
    Lot # Parking Lot/Garage Capacity Price Address Notes
    8 Manchester Grand Hyatt 700 $15-$20 1 Market Place (at Harbor Drive) Self & valet parking available
    9 FAL Lot 215 $10-$20 Convention Way (behind SDCC)  


    DOWNTOWN PARKING (all within 5-15 minute walk to Petco Park)
    Lot # Parking Lot/Garage Capacity Price Address Notes
    12 525 B Street 600 $8-$15 525 B Street; Enter from 6th Ave  
    13 Park it on Market 500 $15 614 Market Street; Enter from 6th or 7th Ave  
    14 Horton Pacific Garage 400 $8-$15 1069 1st Avenue  
    15 Gaslamp City Square 100 Varies 421 4th Ave  
    16 11th Ave Surface Lots Varies $7-$15 11th Ave between Market St & C St  
    17 11th and C Lot 100 $7 1095 10th Ave  
    18 8th Ave Surface Lots Varies $8-$20 8th Ave between G St & C St  
    19 Island Ave. and J St. 200 $8-$20 1st and 2nd Ave  

    Prices and availability subject to change without notice. Independent lot owners have sole authority over their respective parking facilities.

    Access to Padres Preferred Parking
    From The North
    > Inbound (option one)
    I-5 South; Exit Imperial Ave. (West)
    < Outbound (option one)
    Imperial Ave. (East); Left onto 19th St. to I-5 North
    > Inbound (option two)
    I-5 South; Exit 10th Ave. (ow)
    < Outbound (option two)
    11th Ave. (ow) to I-5 North
    > Inbound (option three)
    163 South; Exit 10th Ave. (ow)
    < Outbound (option three)
    11th Ave. (ow) to 163 North
    From The East
    > Inbound (option one)
    King / 94 Fwy West to F St. (ow); Left onto 16th St.; Right onto Imperial Ave.
    < Outbound (option one)
    13th Ave. North; Right onto G St. (ow) to King / 94 Fwy East
    From The South
    > Inbound (option one)
    I-5 North; Exit J St. (West)
    < Outbound (option one)
    J St. (East); Right onto 17th St. to I-5 South
    (ow) = one way