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Benefit for The Bryan Stow Foundation

Tim Flannery and Bob Weir "Live from the Uptown Theater"

Benefit DVD/Download for The Bryan Stow Foundation
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All proceeds to Benefit the Bryan Stow Foundation "4Stow"

On the opening day of the 2011 baseball season at Dodger Stadium Bryan Stow, a Giant fan was attacked in the parking lot in a hate crime. He was jumped and beaten into a coma by thugs pretending to be baseball fans. Now over a year later he and his family still fight for all that was taken away from him that day. His family has lost moments, memories, and thousands of dollars in hospital, and rehabilitation bills. His children and family have lost their Dad the way they knew him, and the way he knew them.That will never be the same. That day effected me very deeply. I too am a son, a father, a husband, a friend, a provider, and all that Bryan Stow is. How could all of this have happened just because he loved his baseball team?

The only way I knew I could help was through my music. We thought maybe we could raise some money, some awareness. We got angry and talked of never letting hate take away from the good. We decided to love harder, and not let the light be darkened in any way, in any matter. To all of you who came to these concerts with your money, energy, and love, we all thank you. All I did was bring the music, you brought the rest.

Along the way with my incredible bunch of friends who make up my band the wonderful soul and spirit of Bob Weir got involved as well. The story effected him too. This DVD will provide more support for the Stow family, and also more awareness for the light of love. Hate in any form will not be tolerated. Love will not turn and run. I have seen that in the Stow family, I have seen that in all the support from friends and strangers. I have seen it from all of you who care. God bless you all, and God bless Bryan Stow and his incredible family.

This DVD would not have happened if not for the incredible people at BAM (Bay Area Music). Thank You. Also a big Thank You to Uptown Theatre for their energy and love.

Thanks to Bob Weir and Matt Busch. Thanks to all who supported this project.

- Tim Flannery

Produced and Directed by
Peter Murphy Crowley

All proceeds to Benefit the Bryan Stow Foundation "4Stow" (Brian Stow pictured below)