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Front Office Directory

  • Executives

    Chairman and Principal Owner
    Bruce Sherman
    Chief Executive Officer
    Derek Jeter
    Chief of Staff
    Caroline O'Connor
    Executive Vice President & CFO
    Michel Bussiere
    Executive Vice President, Operations & Events
    Claude Delorme
    Senior Vice President, Strategy & Development
    Adam Jones
    Executive Assistant to the Executive Vice President, Operations & Events
    Teresita Garcia
    Executive Assistant to the CEO
    Nicolette Lawrence

  • Baseball Operations

  • Baseball Operations

    President, Baseball Operations
    Michael Hill
    Assistant General Manager
    Brian Chattin
    Baseball Operations Advisor
    DJ Svihlik
    Director, Player Personnel
    Daniel Greenlee
    Director, Team Travel
    Manny Colon
    Senior Advisor, Player Personnel
    Orrin Freeman
    Executive Assistant, Baseball Operations
    Amanda Guevara
  • Baseball Analytics

    Advance Scouting Analyst
    Garrick Chaffee
    Analyst, Baseball Operations
    Michael Lord
    Intern, Analytics
    Scott Rapponotti
  • Scouting, Player Development and International Operations

    Vice President, Player Development and Scouting
    Gary Denbo
    Vice President, Scouting
    Stan Meek
    Director, Player Development
    Dick Scott
    Assistant Director, Player Development & International Operations
    Marc Lippman
    Assistant Director, Player Development
    Brett West
    Assistant Director, Amateur Scouting
    Michael Youngberg
    Coordinator, Minor League Video
    Joseph Lisewski
    Assistant, Player Development
    Hector Crespo
    Intern, Player Development
    Jacob Jola
    Intern, Scouting
    Josh Kapiloff
  • Medical and Clubhouse

    Medical Director
    Lee Kaplan, M.D.
    Head Athletic Trainer
    Dustin Luepker
    Coordinator, Strength & Conditioning
    Ty Hill
    Athletic Trainer
    Mike Kozak
    Athletic Trainer
    Gene Basham
    Coordinator, Athletic Training
    Brian Bobier
    Equipment Manager
    John Silverman
    Coordinator, Minor League Clubhouse & Equipment
    Mark Brown
    Visiting Clubhouse Manager
    Michael R. Hughes
    Assistant Home Clubhouse Manager
    Michael Diaz
    Coordinator, Major League Video
    Joey Nero
    Major League Seasonal Video Assistant
    Preston Higbe

  • Communications And Outreach

  • Vice President, Communications & Outreach
    Jason Latimer
  • Media Relations

    Director, Publications & Baseball Information
    Marty Sewell
    Manager, Communications
    Jon Erik Alvarez
    Manager, Baseball Information
    Joe Vieira
    Coordinator, Communications
    Maria Armella
    Intern, Communications
    Jeff Bowe
    Intern, Communications
    Nina Zimmerman
  • Broadcasting

    Broadcaster, Radio
    Dave Van Horne
    Broadcaster, Radio
    Glenn Geffner
    Broadcaster, Television
    Todd Hollandsworth
    Broadcaster, Television
    Jessica Blaylock
    Broadcaster, Spanish Radio
    Luis "Yiki" Quintana
    Broadcaster, Television Pre/Post Game
    Craig Minervini
    Coordinator, Broadcasting
    Kyle Sielaff
  • Community Outreach

    Senior Director, Community Outreach
    Angela Smith
    Manager, Community Outreach & Player Relations
    Juan Leonel Garciga
    Manager, Community Outreach & Marlins Ayudan
    Nicholas Crimarco
    Coordinator, Community Outreach
    Natalie Martinez
    Coordinator, Youth Baseball
    Jason P. Ramos
    Intern, Youth Baseball
    Orlando Prescott
    Intern, Marlins Ayudan
    Kelly Hagen
  • The Marlins Foundation

    Vice President and Executive Director, Marlins Foundation
    Alfredo Mesa
    Director, Marlins Foundation
    Alan Alvarez
    Manager, Foundation Events & Initiatives
    Sarah Garcia
    Intern, Marlins Foundation
    Diego Revilla
    Intern, Marlins Foundation
    Brandon Chang

  • Marketing

  • Vice President, Marketing
    Claudia Lezcano

    Strategy & Engagement

    Senior Director of Marketing; Strategy & Engagement
    Alex Buznego
    Director, Marketing
    Sara Kamber
    Manager, Marketing Operations
    Boris Menier
    Manager, Marketing
    Melisa Ramos
    Manager, Digital Marketing
    Joseph Cervone
    Coordinator, Marketing
    Karry Pomes
    Intern, Strategy & Engagement
    Karen De Leon
    Intern, Strategy & Engagement
    Josh Seligman
    Intern, Digital Marketing
    Sarah Penalver
  • Brand Impact

    Director, Events & Promotions
    Juan Martinez
    Manager, Promotions & Events
    Sergio Xiques
    Supervisor, Promotions
    Ralph Capdevila
    Coordinator, Mascot
    John DeCicco
    Coordinator, Entertainment & Promotions
    Lauren Licamara
    Intern, Events & Promotions
    Cristian Crespo
    Intern, Events & Promotions
    Joshua Maser
    Intern, Events & Promotions
    Catherine Mora
  • Game Presentation & Scoreboard Operations

    Executive Producer, Game Presentation & Scoreboard Operations
    Luis Dones
    Chief Engineer, Game Presentation & Scoreboard Ops
    Robert Castillo
    Assistant Engineer, Game Presentation & Scoreboard Ops
    Chad Messina
    Coordinator, Engineering
    Steven Boyer
    Lead Editor, Game Presentation & Scoreboard Ops
    Ronald Rivas
    Intern, Video Production
    Nicole Thompson
  • Creative Services

    Manager, Creative Services
    Taylor Bolles
    Production Administrator
    Pablo Ferreira
    Brand Photographer/Video Editor
    Joshua Cataldo
    Mike Isa
    Graphic Designer
    Kevin Curtis
    Producer, Digital Signage
    Julio Galan
    Assistant Producer, Digital Signage
    Javier Castellanos
    Coordinator, Video Production
    Julio Jauregui
    Intern, Photography & Graphic Design
    Manny Fernandez
    Intern, Video Production
    Dennise Ramírez

  • Operations

  • Ballpark Operations

    Vice President, Facilities
    Jeff King
    Senior Director, Ballpark Operations
    Michael Hurt
    Director, Parking
    Michael McKeon
    Director, Game Services
    Antonio Torres-Roman
    Manager, Guest Services
    Cristina Corpion
    Manager, Special Events
    Allison Fitzsimmons
    Manager, Event Coordination
    Will Green
    Coordinator, Special Events
    Gisella Silva
    Coordinator, Ballpark Services
    Maleche Eugene
    Coordinator, Ballpark Services
    Christopher Sobron
    Coordinator, Game Services
    Anthony Favata
    Coordinator, Guest Services
    Nathaly Fields
    Coordinator, Game Services
    Ashley Molina
    Coordinator, Game Services
    Elliot Saks
    Executive Assistant, Vice President of Ballpark Operations & Facilities
    Ingrid Rodriguez Noguera
    Zucel Riera
    Intern, Special Projects & Food Services
    Bryan Holcomb
    Intern, Guest Services
    Ted Salb
  • Ticket Operations

    Director, Ticket Operations
    Mardi Dilger
    Manager, Ticket Operations
    Ossie Alvarez
    Manager, Vault
    Jose Braojos
    Coordinator, Ticket Operations Season Sales
    Gerry Fernandez
    Coordinator, Ticket Operations Group Sales
    Juan Carlos Diaz
    Coordinator, Ticket Operations
    Luis Caminero
    Coordinator, Ticket Operations Reporting and Assistant Vault
    John Jola
  • Retail Operations

    Manager, Retail Operations
    Robyn Feinstein
    Supervisor, Retail Game Operations
    Daniella Muente
    Coordinator, Authentics
    Lazaro Garcia
    Intern, Retail Operations
    Yandy Blanco
    Intern, Retail Warehouse
    Manuel Rodriguez
    Intern, Retail Merchandising
    Jasmine Galvez
  • Security

    Supervisor, Security Officer
    Frank Jameson
    Assistant Director
    Michael Bracci
    Security Officer
    Griselda Bonachea
    Security Officer
    Walter Clarit
    Security Officer
    Alfonso Flores
    Security Officer
    William F. Jameson
    Security Officer
    Pedro Lanuza
    Security Officer
    Jahaira Mendez
    Security Officer
    Rosmel Onate
    Security Officer
    Mariela Padilla
    Security Officer
    Adam Stafford
    Security Officer
    Daniella Valbuena
    Security Officer
    Joseph Ventura-Stern
    Security Officer
    Alan Young
  • Facilities

    Maintenance Manager
    Michael Vazquez
    Command Center Supervisor
    Deborah Salsberg
    Command Center Operator
    Otilio Morera
    Command Center Operator
    Leslie Plaster
    Command Center Operator
    Vanessa Suarez
    HVAC Technician
    Aldo Alpizar
    HVAC Technician
    Daniel Hernandez
    HVAC Technician
    Robinson Rios
    General Maintenance Technician
    Alberto Zelie
    Yuniel Diaz
    Gilberto Diaz
    Anthony Herring
    Clifford Williams Jr.
    Vladimir Leon
  • Grounds

    Director, Grounds
    Chad Mulholland
    Manager, Grounds
    Gregory Jones
    Supervisor, Grounds
    Javier Carrillo-Millan
    Supervisor, Grounds
    Nicholas Wolcott
    Grounds Crew
    Carlos DeLeon
    Grounds Crew
    Nathan Beatty
    Grounds Crew
    Ameer Johnson

  • Sales and Service

  • Sales

    Vice President, Sales & Service
    Ryan Bertschman
    Director, Suites
    Truscott Miller
    Director, Groups & Special Events
    Charles Sano
    Manager, Corporate Engagement
    Tommy Knapp
    Manager, Groups & Special Events
    Bray Ladow
    Manager, Inside Sales
    David Campbell
    Senior Sales Executive, Groups & Special Events
    Kathleen Massolio
    Senior Sales Executive, Groups & Special Events
    Mario Signorello
    Sales Executive
    Rickey Pierre II
    Sales Executive
    Chema Sanchez
    Sales Executive
    Daniel Saucier
    Sales Executive, Groups & Special Events
    Shoshana Baker Bradley
    Sales Executive, Groups & Special Events
    David Felt
    Sales Executive, Suites
    Greg Lynch
    Supervisor, Suite Services
    Julie Gregory
    Coordinator, Groups & Special Events
    Enrique Diaz
    Coordinator, Groups & Special Events
    Mariah Monahan
    Coordinator, Sales & Service
    Patty Lora
    Inside Sales Representative
    Jairo Acevedo
    Inside Sales Representative
    Isaac Paladino
    Inside Sales Representative
    Colin Brown
    Inside Sales Representative
    Rafael Echevarria
    Inside Sales Representative
    Joel Kukulu
    Inside Sales Representative
    William Noel III
    Inside Sales Representative
    Shawn O'Brien
    Intern, Sales & Service
    Heberto Arauz
    Intern, Groups & Special Events
    Robert Jakubek
  • Service

    Director, Business Development & Retention
    Thomas Peluso
    Manager, Fan Loyalty
    Cristina Blanco
    Manager, Customer Service
    John-Albert Rodriguez
    Manager, Service & Retention
    Brian Jemison
    Sr. Account Executive, Service & Retention
    Jason Liss
    Account Executive, Service & Retention
    Jeffrey Gutierrez
    Account Executive, Service & Retention
    Samantha MacIntosh
    Account Executive, Service & Retention
    Eric Sutcliffe
    Account Executive, Service & Retention
    Nick Walko
    Intern, Fan Loyalty
    Nicole Blanco
    Intern, Fan Loyalty
    Rebecca Rudge

  • Corporate Partnerships

  • Corporate Partnerships

    Vice President, Head of Corporate Partnerships
    David Oxfeld
    Manager, Corporate Partnerships
    Jose Bowles
    Manager, Client Services
    Sheri Fanucci
    Manager, Corporate Partnerships
    Jason Golden
    Executive Assistant to the VP, Head of Corporate Partnerships
    Judy Cavanagh
    Coordinator, Corporate Partnerships
    Amy Groover
    Intern, Corporate Partnerships
    Christie Gonzalez

  • Administrative

  • Finance

    Executive Vice President & CFO
    Michel Bussiere
    Senior Vice President, Finance
    Susan Jaison
    Director, Risk Management
    Fred Espinoza
    Payroll Administrator
    Carolina Calderon
    Manager, Accounting
    Mike Mullane
    Supervisor, Accounts Payable
    Anthony Paneque
    Sr. Staff Accountant
    John Cantalupo
    Coordinator, Payroll
    Edgar Perez
    Coordinator, Accounting
    David Villa
    Coordinator, Accounts Payable
    Brian Weeks
    Intern, Accounting
    Justin Dodge
    Intern, Accounting
    Dennis Donovan
  • Business Analytics

    Director, Business Analytics
    Christian Lowe
    Ticket Sales Analyst
    Michael Charysh
    Business Analytics Analyst
    Alex Zacharkiewicz
  • Information Technology

    Senior Director, Information Technology
    David Enriquez
    Manager, Database & Applications
    David Kuan
    Manager, Network Services
    Alexis Farres
    Infrastructure Administrator
    Eddie Viamontes
    Systems Architect
    Raul Ocampo
    Systems Administrator
    Ruben Prieto, Jr.
    Information Technology Analyst
    Luis Navarro
    Intern, Information Technology
    Alain Cruz
  • Human Resources and Administration

    Vice President, Human Resources
    Ana Hernandez
    Manager, Human Resources
    Giselle Lopez
    Supervisor, Office Services
    Karl Heard
    Coordinator, Human Resources
    Alex Vigil
    Coordinator, Human Resources
    Kaitlyn Stolzenberg
    Assistant, Office Services
    Donna Kirton
  • Legal

    Vice President and General Counsel
    Ashwin Krishnan
    Associate Counsel
    Stephanie Galvin
    Executive Assistant, Legal
    Sadé Diaz